Why Not Live Locally and Excel Globally?



Citi featured on OOH last month with a highly strategic campaign to promote the numerous job opportunities that were currently available. Citi used a wide range of OOH formats including Digital Screens, Adshel Live, 48 Sheets, Backlit 48 Sheets, Backlit 96 Sheets and Rail 6 Sheets.

Speaking about the campaign, a senior Citi representative said;

“Publicis helped us pull together a brilliant multimedia campaign which met our objective of driving awareness of the wide range of job functions available at Citi and of our Open House event on the 11th October. Our main recruitment challenge is that the site has a Technology and Operations bias associated to it as it started as a technology development centre. Over time the site has matured with many more functions which have moved over and Citi is now the second largest employer in Belfast, it currently employs over 2,700 people. The message we wanted to convey was that people can build an interesting career at Citi. With 150 roles open at any time across a variety of job functions.

The objective of Outdoor was to drive awareness of Citi at specific times of the day and in relevant environments using a combination of reach driving and impactful formats. Location specific messaging ensured we created a contextually relevant campaign.

To target the business audience in Belfast we selected premium large format locations across the key arterial routes into and out of the city and upweighted our activity on high streets with 6 Sheets to ensure our brand was always top of mind of our key audience. Airport 6 sheets were also booked to target the international business travellers and key Rail 6 sheets were selected to reach commuters as they travelled into and out of town”.

Media: Publicis Media – Specialist: PML NI