Dynamic OOH works for Belfast One



It was all go in Belfast last month as Belfast One adopted a highly strategic OOH campaign approach. The campaign featured a variety of creatives with targeted straplines such as ‘Mexican Mondays Tonight at Bootleggers’ and ‘Tapas Tuesdays Tonight at Revolucion De Cuba’. Adshel Live enabled a contextual messaging strategy to be incorporated within the campaign. Dynamic elements including the specific day, time and location allowed for the creatives to be contextual and relevant for the consumer.

Speaking about the campaign, Media Buyer at AV Browne, Karolina Bennett said; “The campaign set out to highlight the many things there are to do in Belfast after hours and to encourage people to stay after work to ‘shop, dine or do.’ This was a two-week intense burst which showcased the huge range of happenings and places open for business in the Belfast One zone across OOH, social, digital, radio and print platforms.

“The creative approach featured User Generated Content (UGC) of what people liked to do in Belfast after 5pm. The flexible nature of Adshel Live offered the opportunity to showcase the campaign’s multiple creatives. There was a two-pronged approach for targeting; targeting the audience when they are already in the city, and targeting those on their way in/out of the city reminding them of all the reasons they should stay. The Greater Belfast campaign targeted people on their way in to work from 5-10am and then again 4-8pm Monday-Friday. The city centre creative treatments focused on the offers the businesses had available and were targeting people walking into work, out and about at lunchtime and then as they were leaving work”.

Media: AV Browne – Specialist: PML NI