Staycations on the cards for ROI residents

[11th June]

New research this week released by the Central Statistics Office Ireland was another evidence source to back up the popularity of holidays in Ireland this year. 73.6% of people are planning an overnight domestic trip in the next six months. Cross border mobility is likely to be high too, with 15% of residents planning to holiday in Northern Ireland.

One-fifth of those intending to take an overnight domestic trip in the coming year plan to use self-catering accommodation, while 56.7% will use a hotel, guesthouse or B&B accommodation.

As air travel is permitted and vaccine roll outs continue, foreign travel is becoming more likely, with 47% expecting their next overnight trip overseas will be in 2021. One third of foreign trips planned for the next 12 months is to visit friends or family.

For brands in the leisure and hospitality sectors, an all-island approach to customer acquisition should be considered. With a significant number of people crossing the border in both directions, brands should consider marketing their activities, venues and accommodation options to audiences across the Island, with PML Group well placed to deliver joined-up campaign approaches.