Driving at 151%

[4th June]

Driving activity in NI continues to increase, up a further 16% to a weekly average of 151% according to Apple Mobility Data. This is amongst the highest levels we’ve seen to date since tracking started in March 2020, and is equivalent to only a few days in the peak summer 2020 period.

Google mobility information shows uplift across all sectors too, with the biggest change to footfall in Parks which increased by 27% to a weekly average of 131%. Retail and recreation locations saw a significant uplift of 20% to an average 90% footfall of the pre-pandemic levels. This reflects the reopening of hospitality and retail outlets and greater levels of confidence in visiting physical locations.

Workplace footfall increased by 2%, placing activity at three-quarters of the norm, while grocery and pharmacy locations were also up 3%, to a weekly average of 114%.