Retail footfall reaches baseline

[11th June]

This week, we saw retail and recreation footfall reach the baseline for the first time since December 2020. Monday 31st May, which was a Bank Holiday in NI, saw the highest pedestrian footfall through shops, restaurants and bars in months, a sure sign that audiences are enjoying their leisure time. Footfall through parks increased too, back up to 640% above baseline, also peaking on the Bank Holiday, at 73% above the norm.

The footfall through workplaces was affected by the holiday too, with the rolling average falling by 3% to 72% of the norm. Footfall in grocery and pharmacy locations remains strong, at 15% above the baseline, an increase on 1% on the weekly average.

Driving activity remains high, with the average weekly level at 49% above baseline. Within Belfast, pedestrian activity and public transport usage has increased drastically following the relaxation of restrictions for retail and hospitality locations.