Congestion benefits OOH advertisers

[18th June]

Driving activity in Northern Ireland remained largely static again this week, falling by only 3% to 45% above the baseline. This suggests that until schools finish in a fortnight, we’re at a normal rate of traffic movement for this time of year.

Within Belfast the analysis of movement in recent weeks has been the same, with the only significant fluctuations coming from pedestrian activity, which saw several peaks of activity in early June. Public transport use has also returned much closer to the norm, at -5%.

Congestion has also returned to the city, to the dismay of drivers and benefit of advertisers. TomTom congestion information shows the average congestion between Monday – Thursday this week was 33%, meaning a 30 minute journey would take almost 10 minutes longer due to traffic build up.

Our environment footfall tracking showed a slight decrease in activity this week, with retail and recreation activity down 2% to an average of 89% of the norm. Grocery and pharmacy footfall dropped 1% to 113% and park activity fell to 132%, a decline of 6% in the weekly average. Workplace footfall saw the only growth over the last seven days, growing 8% to 78% of the norm.