Protection from Smishing

Smishing, like email phishing, is a method of social engineering employed by cyber criminals to gain access to personal information, bank accounts or encourage fraudulent payments. Criminals prey on emotions, and often vulnerable people, manipulating them to gain access to devices, information or valuables. Smishing attacks come via SMS, and usually ask people to click a web link or call a phone number.

To raise awareness of smishing attacks here, and how to protect against them, the NI Cyber Security Centre has launched a campaign on OOH. Employing formats in proximity to essential retailers to deliver continued audience visibility for the campaign, using 6 Sheets and Digital Screens.

Joe Dolan from the NI Cyber Security Centre stated: “Cyber criminals are using our connectivity to the internet to launch cyber-attacks through email, SMS text, voice calls and social media. The Covid-19 pandemic has seen an upsurge in such attacks. To raise awareness of the problem and encourage people to be proactive about their online security we launched a ‘smishing’ awareness campaign throughout NI. The lockdown restrictions have greatly reduced the locations people are travelling to, securing displays at essential retail locations has been invaluable in helping promote our campaign messages.”

Media: ASG & Partners