Check/Out Part 3 Research

[19 February] This week we publish the final part of results from Check/Out, a study conducted by PML Group in partnership with Ipsos MRBI, focusing on many aspects of the shopping and home dining experience for respondents in 2021.

Our focus this week is on some of the motivations that will drive purchase behaviour in the next six months. The chart below gives topline findings for this week’s set of questions, with more than half agreeing that in the next six months they are more likely to focus on price than they have been. Four in ten respondents are more likely to buy locally sourced food and grocery products while a similar number will be more focused on eco-friendly and sustainable purchases in their supermarkets and convenience stores.

With the economy suffering and employment an uncertain variable for many families now, it is no surprise that the price of goods will be more of a focus for consumers in coming months. This peaks among 45-54 year olds, and is higher among those with children in the household versus those without (57% v 50%). Interestingly, price is more likely to be a consideration for ABC1 consumers than C2DEs, although the difference is not great (55% v 51%).

When it comes to buying locally sourced goods, there is little or no difference between gender and age groups with generally 40% of respondents being more focused on the origin of products in the next while. However, at 58%, SuperValu customers are by far the most likely to take origin into account more in the same period.

Eco-friendly products and sustainability are more on the agenda for 25-34-year olds, single people and females. Also, it appears to be more of a concern for those living on the southside of Dublin. Our ‘Green Means G-OOH’ research from November 2020 showed that 84% of consumers expect advertising to clearly explain the environmental benefits of products and that 66% are more likely to buy environmentally friendly products as a result of the pandemic.