Prime Audiences at the Pumps

Most of us only pay attention to the price of petrol and making sure we put the right stuff in the tank, however from November 2022 petrol is changing. Standard grade petrol became E10, and for the majority of drivers there will be no difference. 95% of vehicles in the UK can use the new fuel, with all cars build after 2011 compatible. For the remaining 5%, they should continue to use E5 fuel, found in the ‘super’ grade pumps.

With a brief to ensure drivers were informed of the changes and delivering a call to action to visit a website to check compatibility, we responded with a highly tactical campaign. Employing forecourt Out of Home formats, including the new Digital Screen network at Applegreen stores and classic 6 Sheets delivered the message as people visited petrol stations. To enhance this message even further, Petrol Pump displays delivered the campaign in the most relevant location – at the pump itself. As well as adding relevance, the placement ensured high levels of dwell time while customers refuelled.