Belfast Telegraph – Vaccines First, Politics Second

Belfast Telegraph has gone big and bold with its most recent Outdoor advertising campaign, with the Backlit 192 Sheet billboard in Belfast at its centre. Located outside the biggest vaccine clinic in NI at the SSE Arena, aiming to deliver 40,000 jabs per week, the large format display targets traffic on the M3 motorway, as well as those in the Titanic Quarter.

The launch of the SSE Vaccination centre offered the timely and unique opportunity to launch Belfast Telegraph’s new brand campaign. Belfast Telegraph has stayed true to its brand promise throughout Covid-19 to ‘Tell it like it is’ – shining a light on the success and failures of those tasked with bringing us safely through the pandemic. To bring the campaign to suburban locations, Dynamic Digital OOH was also employed.

Ally O’Neill, Senior Media Manager, Ardmore, said: “The goal of this campaign was to create a community focused, balanced and witty campaign which would reflect their editorial commitment, giving Belfast Telegraph a renewed sense of relevance.

“In order to drill into that relevance Dynamic Digital OOH has been orchestrated across NI focusing on vaccination centres and shuttle links to centres. The Dynamic content pulls in information on vaccination numbers refreshing daily. Using data in this way has allowed us to elevate a media channel, increasing its recall and relevancy of messaging. A simple tweak, but one that allows us to bind data and creative – enhancing the efficiency of the media channel. Adding Backlit formats, including the huge 192 Sheet directly outside the SSE Arena further increased the campaign and brand awareness.”

Nicola McNaughton, Senior Account Manager, PML Group NI added: “This is the first Dynamic campaign using data from a bespoke API source. It’s a unique and highly relevant way to employ Dynamic OOH, an ongoing reminder of the success of the vaccination programme in Northern Ireland.”

Media: Ardmore