CluedOOH Pursuit 2023

We were delighted to host the third CluedOOH Pursuit, our innovative Out of Home adventure! Nine teams took on 36 devilishly difficult clues that led them on a trail around South Belfast before reaching the finishing location on Botanic Avenue.

Our congratulations go to the Hallow-Queens, a team from ASG who not only scored the most points but came dressed for the occasion in matching t-shirts. Team Genesis was in second place, followed by the Scavenger Sisters from Walkers in third.

The levels of competition within the teams continues to amuse and delight us, as does the commitment. We had plenty of selfies with Peter the polar bear in the Ulster Museum, teams made it to Plaguey Hill in Stranmillis and used QR codes to solve our puzzles, find our dancing skeleton and connect with us via Whatsapp.

The hardest question turned out to be ‘What should Tanqueray be garnished with?’. None of the teams got the answer we were looking for, which was ‘magnificence’ – a reference to the creative on display on the Backlit 48 Sheet on Botanic Avenue. We also asked teams how many differences they could find in the side-by-side 6 Sheets, the answer was 7! We also wanted to know some Dynamic weather information, asking ‘What is the current temperature and relative humidity in the tropical zone?’ Teams needed to go into the Tropical Ravine in Botanic Gardens, where the live weather information is monitored and displayed.

Outdoor is the oldest form of advertising and its role in a marketing strategy shouldn’t be overlooked. With CluedOOH Pursuit, we always want to showcase some of the innovative and interesting ways to use the formats. Adding QR codes and site specific content is an easy way to build relevance with audiences, as well as delivering insights. Our post campaign analysis shows that our codes were scanned a total of 74 times – a large number for such a niche and short-term event.

By hosting CluedOOH Pursuit we hope teams are engaged and energised to try something new on OOH, with our help and guidance at every step of the campaign. We’d like to thank our media partners, Clear Channel NI, JCDecaux, Global NI, McGowan’s Print, Omega Outdoor and Belfast City Airport for their support with the campaign, production and spot prizes on the night.