Check/Out Research Published

[5 February] 59% of main shoppers are more likely to plan their purchases in advance of going to the supermarket, in the coming months. That’s one finding from an extensive new piece of research called Check/Out, which we are publishing over the next few weeks on these pages. The study, conducted by PML Group in partnership with Ipsos MRBI, focuses on many aspects of the shopping and home dining experience in 2021.

In the coming weeks we will look at the drivers behind purchase decisions and engagements with OOH advertising in retail environments but this week we kick off with a focus on planning around the shopping trip. The research points to a more considered approach to grocery shopping among females, ABs, married people and those above the age of 45.

Conversely, younger people, single people, males and those in the C2DE social classes are more likely to be more impulsive and less planned as they go for their weekly grocery shop.

The path to purchase is not simply the stretch of road between home and supermarket. At the moment, that path to purchase could begin with a walk in the local park. As society and the economy reopens, that path could be a school run, a commute to the office or a taxi journey to a restaurant. The path may not lead to a physical store but to an online purchase. Engaging consumers when they are both mentally and physically available is within the power of OOH and can be achieved via large format billboards, bus shelters and bus T-Sides as much as POS formats.

The intended planning of purchases peaks among females 45+ at 69% and the low figure is among males 25-34, at 32%. Half of respondents will be more likely to make an actual shopping list.

With restaurants remaining closed and likely to remain so in the short term, home cooking is still high on the agenda for the survey respondents. 52% of females are more likely to plan out the meals they will have at home for the week ahead, while 60% of the 25-44 age group fall into this category.