Check/Out Part 2 Research

[12 February] This week we publish part two of results from Check/Out, a study conducted by PML Group in partnership with Ipsos MRBI, focusing on many aspects of the shopping and home dining experience in 2021.  

Our focus this week includes a look at engagement with OOH advertising in POS environments. The chart below gives topline findings on this week’s topics, with almost half feeling that in the next six months they are more likely to enjoy a trip to the supermarket than they used to. More than 1 in 3 respondents are more likely to notice advertising at the entrances to supermarket and in the store itself while more than 1 in 4 are more likely to take an action in response to such advertising.  

The graphic below gives some more granular data with regard to noticing POS advertising. 37% of main shoppers are more likely to notice this channel of advertising and 48% of 16-24 year olds were of that opinion also.  

When it comes to acting on an ad at point of sale, such as making a purchase, the age group most likely to do so are 35-44s while females are more likely to act than males, at 32% v 21%. 

We saw last week that home cooking is still high on the agenda for the survey respondents. 52% of females are more likely to plan out the meals they will have at home for the week ahead, while 60% of the 25-44 age group fall into this category. 42% of 35-44s believe they are more likely to take meal inspiration ideas while shopping at the supermarket in coming months. The figure for main shoppers is 43%. This should put food brands on high alert to the value of this environment in 2021.  

The final instalment of our Check/Out research will be published next week.