OOH Drives Response, ‘React’ Research shows

[29 January] New research we are publishing this week points to an increasingly important role for OOH in the online retail phenomenon. The study, ‘React’, investigates likelihood of consumers to respond to OOH advertising in various different ways and compares those outcomes now to how respondents would have acted a year ago. Going online to find out more about a product is the action most likely to be taken by those interested in an OOH ad. 46% are likely to take this action in response to the ad, up from 45% pre-Covid. There is no significant difference in age groups behind this figure but when it comes to gender, females are much more likely to take this action (54% v 38% among males). Females are also more likely to actually make an online purchase as a result of seeing an OOH ad. Males and younger age groups are more likely to take a photo of an ad and to share the ad on social media.

Overall, the research indicates an increasingly strong link between OOH and online actions, re-enforcing OOH’s role as a bridge between the physical and virtual world. The computers we carry around with us enable in-the-moment responses… if the value exchange proposition and prompt is compelling enough. By tethering our handsets to our OOH activity, we will see a continued acceleration of technologies that enable OOH advertising to be shoppable and Covid-safe. Some more outcomes from the research are outlined below.