Trusted brands were chosen in disruptive year

[28th May] 2020 was the year of change. We’ve talked at length about the changes to our lifestyles, working habits and how we shopped were just some of the ways we had to adapt. Today Kantar has published its ‘British Brand Footprint’ which looks at the most chosen FMCG brands over the last year, and in an uncontrollable situation we tended to reach for brands we knew and trusted, taking back an element of control. Seven out of ten number one brands gained share in March 2020, proving this point unequivocally.

Warburtons was the most popular brand in the study, however there was only one new brand in the top 20 which wasn’t there two years ago. Back in March and April 2020, the agility to react to changing demands was crucial. This ensures potential buyers weren’t faced with empty shelves or lesser known brands. The overall top 20 is below, with further breakdown by category available in the full report, here.

Within the report, Kantar also looks at how brands grow, with five key rules to follow; more targets, more presence, more categories, new needs and more moments.

Outdoor advertising is well placed to facilitate many of these key levers. From new product launches, segmented audience targeting, Dynamic campaigns which deliver creatives based on key moments and swift adaptation to the changing needs of audience, there are formats which can aid in brand building and sales growth.