Public transport use in Belfast picks up

[28th May] Driving activity in Northern Ireland remains higher than we saw in much of 2020, with the weekly average at 131%, up a further 7%. This is equivalent to activity in July/August 2020. Across Belfast, mobility has also increased with driving in the city at 41% above baseline. Pedestrian footfall and transit activity have also increased, to 168% and 91% of the baseline respectively.

Looking to the Google Mobility Data, footfall in Parks and Retail and Recreation locations has declined slightly. Retail and recreation fell by 5% to 75%, while parks dropped by 15% to 103%, however both these locations are linked closely to the weather. The final few days of reporting in this data set saw several days of extremely intense rainfall which attributed for the decline in activity.

Grocery and pharmacy footfall remained constant at 10% above baseline, while workplace footfall increased by 2% to 73%.