Out Of Home Into The Green

Chloe Hylands, Marketing Manager, PML Group

Out of Home advertising has recently gained recognition as the most sustainable advertising platform, indicated by a recent study conducted by KPMG in the UK. The findings were consistent with a separate study they conducted in France.

The study evaluated the environmental impact of various advertising platforms including Email, Online, Print, Radio, and TV, with OOH emerging as the frontrunner in terms of its low carbon emissions per impression.

Research revealed that OOH constituted less than 3.5% of the overall carbon footprint of UK advertising. When looking at the carbon emissions per impression, OOH ranks first with only 0.25 CO2 eq per impression. This finding underscores the relatively low environmental impact of OOH compared to other advertising mediums, highlighting its potential as a more sustainable choice for advertisers.

It was revealed that OOH ranked third in energy efficiency per £1 of advertising revenue, trailing behind press and the Internet. Notably, press came in first as it doesn’t consume any power. These results underscore OOH’s commendable energy efficiency within the advertising landscape.

Stéphanie Taupin, KPMG’s global strategy director, emphasized OOH’s capacity to facilitate more environmentally friendly campaigns compared to other media channels. This capability not only aligns with brands’ sustainability goals but also positively influences consumer perceptions.

A main advantage of OOH is its ability to reach a vast audience, making it an exceptionally energy-efficient medium. This efficiency is attributed to the industry’s control over the entire supply chain and operations, enabling the implementation of sustainable practices.

Media owners are committed to sustainability through the use of energy saving lightbulbs, digital screens are powered down when retail sites are closed and for several hours in the morning and they are recycling paper posters after use. There has also been an increase in electric vehicles being used in the supply chain, further increasing the industry’s high standards for sustainability.

There have been recent developments in the market such as the addition of T-Side plus and Off- Centre T-Sides which are used on Zero emissions buses. 48 Sheets and 6 Sheets can now be printed on 100% recycled paper.

At PML Group, we place great value on sustainability. We actively engage with media owners and printers to stay informed about emerging sustainability initiatives. Additionally, as proud members of Ad Net Zero, we are committed to driving change. By collaborating on these industry-wide efforts, we are taking meaningful steps toward a greener, more sustainable future.