Outdoor consumption grows again

[9th April] Week on week we report on growing audiences consuming Out of Home campaigns, as Apple driving data shows increasing figures. This week, the figure fell by 5% to 105% of baseline however lower levels of movement on Easter Sunday caused the drop.

Looking at the daily figures, it’s evident the effect the bank holiday had on movement; however recovery is also clear.

Thursday 01/04/2021 127%
Friday 02/04/2021 133%
Saturday 03/04/2021 116%
Sunday 04/04/2021 73%
Monday 05/04/2021 94%
Tuesday 06/04/2021 99%
Wednesday 07/04/2021 113%

Movement in grocery and retail locations was naturally affected by store closures on Easter Sunday, with the majority of supermarkets shut. The weekly average remains high at 101% of the baseline, following several days above the typical footfall levels.

Footfall within retail and recreation environments has also increased slightly, as garden centres were amongst those to benefit from changes to the restrictions. In coming weeks, all non-essential retail and some hospitality environments will reopen, bringing increased pedestrian traffic to town centres and retail parks.

Warm weather towards the end of last week enticed people to parks and beaches once again, with these environments seeing the biggest growth in footfall, up 35% to 132% of the baseline.