Mobility continues to rise slowly

[29 January] Audiences in Northern Ireland continue to move around, reflected in average driving activity at 77% of the norm for this time of year (Apple Mobility Data). While this average is unchanged from last week, the daily figures reflect a different outlook.

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Driving activity was at a peak on Friday 22nd January, however widespread snow on Sunday 24th January drastically reduced mobility, reducing the weekly average to the current point.

Looking to the Google Pedestrian Data, we see the impact of weather again causing a reduction in the weekly average for mobility. Of the environments we monitor, Parks and Recreation areas saw the biggest weekly change, up 2% on the previous week. Unsurprisingly the snowy conditions will have enticed people out for much needed light relief.

Retail and recreation areas saw a small weekly uplift in activity (+1%) however the weekly average remains low, at 40% of the norm.

Once again, Grocery and Pharmacy locations see no change in footfall. As essential retailers, the weekly average remains at 77% of the baseline, 16% higher than the lowest point in March 2020. This reflects the continued reliance on these shops and supermarkets, and the increasing number of people who are making regular journeys. This environment was also affected by the weather, and had the daily figure not fallen to 68%, we would have seen a larger weekly increase.