Make The Switch

In a bid to attract new customers, Danske Bank is offering £200 to anyone who switches their current account to them using the Current Account Switch Service. The process is designed to be quick and hassle-free, with online applications taking just 10 minutes.

The overall objective of the campaign is to raise awareness of the switch offer. The target audience is broad, encompassing adults with existing current accounts. This province-wide campaign aims to appeal to all demographics, ensuring a presence in branch towns across Northern Ireland.

To raise awareness and promote the offer, Danske Bank has launched a prominent OOH advertising campaign. The campaign features bold and vibrant ads across various formats, including Roadside, Bus (utilising the new T-Side Plus for a striking 2D effect), and Digital.

The campaign was created and planned by Krow. The creative stands out and captures attention by using bright colours and unique visuals.

In Northern Ireland, Large advertising sites, Bus stops, Small advertising sites, and Buses are among the most recalled formats (TGI, 2023). This campaign effectively utilises a mix of these formats to engage the audience.

OOH advertising is known for its high impact and wide reach in public spaces. It’s a medium that people can’t ignore, making it particularly effective at capturing attention. By leveraging these impactful formats, Danske Bank aims to make a strong impression and encourage a significant number of account switches.

The combination of a compelling offer and a robust advertising strategy sets the stage for a successful OOH campaign.