Danske Bank Charity Partnership

Since January 2020 Danske Bank has been supporting Extern as its charity partner, focusing on helping to transform the lives of some of the most vulnerable and socially deprived young people in Northern Ireland. Through a range of services, Extern NI helps around 16,000 children, young people and adults every year to change their lives.

During the coronavirus pandemic, which is putting additional strain on vulnerable members of society, Danske Bank is employing Out of Home to deliver a fundraising campaign for Extern NI, donating the use of 6 and 48 sheets. Highlighting a ‘Coronavirus Hardship Appeal’, the campaign aims to reach the people who need help throughout the crisis, as well as those who may be able to support the charity’s work. As well as the advertising space, Danske Bank has donated 250 food and drink hampers and the proceeds from recycling old Apple devices.

Kevin Heavern, Head of Marketing at Danske Bank, said: “We are delighted to be supporting Extern through donating outdoor advertising space. It’s a great way to reach a mass audience so ideal for driving awareness and for fundraising.

“We were also able to work with Extern and help them hand-pick the locations of the sites, allowing them to target vulnerable people in communities that may need support right now.”