Bank of Ireland launches ‘cocooning’ support for customers

Bank of Ireland announced its new service to help customers self-isolating during the Covid-19 pandemic – including older customers and those in vulnerable situations – access cash for groceries, newspapers and other day-to-day expenses. Those who are already self-isolating, or who may need to, can nominate another person to undertake transactions in a branch on their behalf.

This vital support for the most vulnerable in society gives a friend, trusted neighbour or family support the ability to help and support those around them and is one less thing to worry about.

To target those who need help the most, Bank of Ireland employed Digital OOH in towns across NI with a local brand. ASDA Live reached shoppers and Adshel Live delivered the message on key arterial routes across the province.

Cocooning support for elderly and at risk customers

Gavin Kelly, CEO of the Bank’s Retail Ireland division, said: “On St Patrick’s Day the [Irish] Taoiseach specifically called out that ‘cocooning’ the elderly and those with long-term illnesses at home for several weeks would help save many lives among the most vulnerable in our society. However, that presents an immediate challenge in accessing cash for day-to-day expenses which we wanted to help solve.

“That’s why we have developed ‘Cocooning Support’. This will make it easier for a trusted friend or next-door neighbour to help those in isolation with their daily essentials. Many of our customers find themselves particularly vulnerable at the moment and relying more than ever on the help and support of others. ‘Cocooning Support’ gives them one less thing to worry about, during what is a really challenging time for us all and for the country.”

The retail focused Digital Out of Home campaign was created by Oliver and planned by Carat and PML.

Brands are adapting

PML Group NI Marketing Manager, Lorraine McNaughton added: “With a changeable landscape, it’s important for brands to communicate with their customers in a relevant way. While audiences Out of Home are generally reduced, we know people are still visiting shopping locations, so Retail formats are a particularly useful way to deliver important messages.

“This campaign also showcases how businesses are adapting to the changing demands of their customers. Bank of Ireland’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic demonstrates its adaptability and ensures a positive relationship with its customers is maintained.”