Belfast audiences connect with OOH

[14th May]

It’s been an interesting year to say the least, with huge changes to how we work, play and live. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve delivered up to date insights about audiences and this continues now that restrictions are easing. Throughout April, we asked a panel 300 people in Belfast their thoughts on a range of topics, the first of which focuses on how they perceive their local area and the advertising within it.

Overall, people in Belfast remain more connected to their local area because of the pandemic; a trend we first saw in 2020. 60% of people in Belfast pay more attention to what’s happening in their local area now prior to Covid.

With fewer activities to do and places to go, it’s unsurprising that people spent more time exploring their local areas throughout the last year. 51% of all adults in Belfast have increased the time spent in their neighbourhood, rising to 66% of parents.

With more attention paid to local areas, and increased time in them, it makes sense therefore that people are more likely to notice Out of Home campaigns in suburban locations. 44% of all adults in Belfast are more likely to have awareness of Outdoor advertising posters now than in March 2020, rising to 51% of parents and 62% of those aged 35-44.

Brands which advertise in suburban areas tend to build more connections with audiences, with 48% of people in Belfast agreeing. Further to Posterscope’s The Moments of Truth research, audiences in Belfast also prefer advertising which references their location. 55% of adults and main shoppers feel more connected with advertising which reference the local area (e.g. using a town name), rising to 59% of 18-24 year olds and 68% of 35-44 year olds.

Across the NNN series, we frequently comment that trust in Outdoor advertising is also high, reinforced again by this research. Over half of adults in Belfast (54%) and main shoppers (55%) trust the advertisers and brands they see on OOH, rising to 61% of parents.

The Out of Home audience has been strong in Northern Ireland despite lockdown restrictions in place, and now as they continue to ease, mobility is increasing at pace. Around 40% of people continue to work from home, with many unlikely to return to full-time commuting. Despite this, it’s evident that people continue to enjoy life in their suburban surroundings, presenting an opportunity for brands to connect with these audiences using the OOH platform.