The solution to marketing is P²+C=5

Last week, researcher and author, Justin Gibbons launched his new book, P²+C=5. In this, he explores the formula marketers need in the search for effectiveness.

Written during the worst of the Covid pandemic in March, the evidence pointed to a new solution for a new point in time. The research is a new framing, away from brand and response, to something more tangible.

What does P²+C=5 mean?

The Ps stand for public media, for example OOH, consumed mostly in public and conveying trust, familiarity and fame. Importantly, public media acts as priming or signalling for private media, and make mobile, social and online work harder. It’s more noticeable, trusted and more likely to be clicked on. The public media amplifies the private media, which is why it’s P².

The second part of the equation, the C, is for creative. As broadcast channels such as OOH become increasingly digital, creative is easily portable across digital online assets and the newly digitised broadcast media. It makes the channels of public and private media easier to plan, using the same distinct creative.

If you can get P²+C working, there are five enhanced outcomes; trust and brand familiarity, attention, awareness, consideration and activation. We are at a moment in time where we can either accept there will be a new normal, or we can believe it is a time to think about a new different. It’s not brand or activation. It’s both. Public and private media working in balance for long-term and short-term success.

And that’s P²+C=5 – a formula for the ‘new different’.

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