OOH Drives Response, new wave of React shows

[9th April] Latest research carried out for us by Ipsos MRBI, a points to the important influencing role for OOH in the discovery, perception and preference of brands.

The latest wave of our React study found that well over half of consumers say that in the past twelve months Out of Home advertising has, in at least one of its forms:

  • Helped me discover a new brand
  • Increased my favourability of a brand
  • Influenced my decision to buy a product or service

Complementary international studies have shown that proximity OOH delivers strong sales uplift for brands while wider locations delivering coverage also influence delayed decision making. Utilising touchpoints across environments, retail and roadside can affect nudge action within path to purchase models.

React finds that OOH displays are especially influential on AB higher professionals and 16-24s. This supports evidence from TGI that Outdoor targets a younger demographic than radio, TV & press, heavy OOH consumers earn more, and lighter TV viewers travel more. In effect Out of Home, in indexing high with young and upmarket cohorts, is a good ‘fit’ in terms audience with other media channels. It fills holes in demographics and builds frequency into broadcast campaigns. Next week we will turn our attention to another aspect of the study – how OOH amplifies both TV and online advertising.