OOH drives consumer behaviour

[6th August]

What if we told you there was a way to prompt a quarter of people in Northern Ireland to visit your website to find out more about a brand, product or service?

In conjunction with our research partner, FN Research, we asked people in Belfast about the consequential actions they took after seeing Outdoor advertising, and one in four have gone directly to a site after seeing an OOH campaign. That figure increases to 36% of ABC1 adults. For those who have searched for a brand to learn more, the results are slightly better, at 26% of all adults. Younger age groups are slightly more likely to search for more information than their older counterparts.

OOH drives purchasing

When it comes to purchasing decisions, OOH is also an extremely strong driver. One in three adults in NI have made a purchase in store after seeing a campaign, rising to 37% of females. A huge 40% of people aged 25-34 have been influenced to buy a product in store after seeing OOH. Our ability to plan and buy Out of Home media in proximity to stores is therefore going to be highly important in influencing purchasing decisions.

23% purchase online after seeing Outdoor

It isn’t just in-store purchases that are driven by Outdoor activity, online sales see an uplift too. 23% of all adults have bought something online after seeing it on OOH, increasing to 40% of those aged 18-24. The impact Outdoor has on online sales is smaller than those in physical stores, however the results are possibly more significant. Without proximity advertising, consumers need to remember the campaign and act on it at a time they are able to complete an online transaction, therefore demonstrating the effect a large visual medium has on longer-term memory forming.

Younger audiences are more likely to follow a brand on social media, opening the doors to direct communication on a 1-1 or more personalised basis.

The strength of Outdoor to communicate with audiences, whether on a broadcast or niche spectrum, shouldn’t be overlooked by any business seeking to drive website traffic, sales or develop social media connections. Unlike other forms of advertising, Outdoor is unavoidable as we all travel through life and the passive consumption of OOH can make it more favourable and better trusted than other forms.