Movin’ on up

[23rd April] Driving activity in Northern Ireland continues to increase, according to the most recent data from Apple. Now at an average of 8% above baseline, it shows that people are driving more than in January 2020. The data below indicates mobility until 21st April 2021. As lockdown eases, we will expect to see driving levels increase again over coming weeks.

Movement in other locations has also increased this week. As the weather continues to improve and outdoor socialisation becomes even more popular, we would expect these figures to increase too.

Footfall in grocery and pharmacy locations remains high, and has grown slightly this week, now 2% over the baseline. This is fairly significant as it is one of the only times we’ve seen levels above that in January 2020 across a period of normal shopping behaviour. Christmas, Easter and Mother’s Day saw levels increase above baseline in the past. As many of the retailers within this sector are essential and have remained open throughout the pandemic, the increased footfall may be reflective of greater confidence in safety while shopping, or a shift back towards more frequent shopping trips.

Workplace footfall at 67% is an weekly increase of 13%. It’s likely the large change was due to a period of holiday around Easter, particularly for those in the education sector. In addition, since 12th April retail outlets can offer click and collect services, bringing people back to their workplaces and increasing footfall through town and city centres.

The average footfall in parks and beaches remains high, at 129%, as the weather improved and people ventured further afield. While not a typical location for OOH targeting, it is worth considering. The high levels of footfall, combined with a large audience demographic and easy placement of OOH using classic or ambient formats could deliver strong results for brands, especially those seeking to advertise staycations, family experiences and entertainment. Average footfall this year is higher than that seen in 2020 and is reaching levels higher than that seen last summer.

The retail and recreation sectors are gearing up for reopening, however there has been a slight increase in footfall as click and collect services began, bringing the average up by 6% to 59% of baseline.