Mobility unaffected by restrictions

[11 December] This has been the first full week of restrictions that we’ve been able to report on, and the data backs up the anecdotal evidence that suggests people movement hasn’t changed. Certainly, compared to last week, the running average remains at 91%, and we’ve had several days where the mobility has exceeded the baseline.

Given the heightened restrictions affecting retail and recreation locations, which includes pubs and cafes, seeing an average weekly footfall of 58% should be seen as significant. The high number of people through these locations increases exposure to OOH and demonstrates what a ‘worst case’ may look like, should similar restrictions be imposed again in 2021.

As we have reported previously, grocery and pharmacy locations remain busy, with average footfall at 94% of the baseline. Out of Home formats in proximity to these locations will deliver effective campaigns for a wide range of advertisers due to the significant audience volumes.