Lifeline Reiterates ‘it’s ok not to be ok’


Last month, Public Health Agency took to OOH with its strategically placed province-wide campaign. The campaign was promoting the free 24/7 counselling helpline Lifeline that is available to the public on 0808 808 8000. A multi-format approach was used ensuring maximum reach and exposure was achieved. Various OOH formats were employed including Adshel Live, 48 Sheets, Roadside 6 Sheets, T-Sides and many more, to encourage the public to take heed of the Public Health Agency advice. Various creatives featured across the multi-format campaign duration. A strong and powerful messaging strategy was paramount. The creatives all included a persuasive straplines such as ‘It’s ok not to be ok’ and ‘You can get through this’.

Speaking about the campaign, Kathryn Fry, Media Manager at Genesis said:
“January can be a particularly difficult time of year for many people. We wanted to achieve clear cut-through for PHA Lifeline, to ensure the campaign reached as many people as possible in need of support. It was also vital to reach the wider public to reduce the stigma around mental health issues, and also to achieve wider awareness of the Lifeline helpline so that people can share this with their family and friends in need of support. The chosen mix of OOH formats generated high levels of both coverage and frequency needed for achieving greater awareness and recall of the Lifeline campaign. We are pleased to work with PHA, Lifeline and PML in delivering this important campaign.”