Invest in OOH with confidence

Underpinning every Out of Home campaign are several quality markers, from insights into audience behaviour and attitudes, to traffic flows and site scores. We’ve seen a reduction in traffic, and changes to habits but not enough to make our confidence in OOH waver.

The daily commute for many is shorter, a trip to the sofa or kitchen table – a home office for the very lucky. Hours of rush hour queues are a thing of the past. That’s time that has been reallocated elsewhere, maybe a walk around your local area, or a trip to the supermarket (where you’ll experience a different type of rush hour queue). The Apple mobility report, which tracks movement suggests that there is 60% of the usual traffic still on the roads – a significant amount at any time, let alone in the current climate.

Quality campaigns on OOH

Out of Home is always where the people are, with the biggest concentrations of formats along the key arterial routes and in shopping locations. The weekly shop has made a resurgence, and we know people must queue to gain entry to many shops. This has transformed Point of Sale formats that previously delivered what we called ‘the last window of influence’ to the primary window of influence. A huge opportunity exists here for Out of Home. Advertisers are understandably concerned about advertising while shops are closed, however it is important remember just how many stores do remain open, and the importance of maintaining a market share throughout a recession.

We talk a lot about delivering high quality campaigns, and that is still the top priority of every OOH activity. Now though, traffic flows aren’t as important, so we’ve developed enhanced mapping to place campaigns in the right place, at the right time, reaching consumers while they are out of their homes. Marketing budgets are often the first to be cut when scaling back operations but our strong relationships with media owners ensures that every campaign booked during the crisis will benefit from high levels of discount and added value through free sites.

64% feel advertising can continue

For those who are wary of a return to advertising, the evidence is clear and striking. Amongst the chaos, consumers want to see a glimpse of their old lives, with advertising that is funny, sentimental and relevant to them. The Kantar Covid-19 Barometer highlighted that 64% of people in the UK and US felt it was ok to continue advertising as normal, and that’s a sentiment that’s widely reflected across many of the surveys which have been published.

Orlando Wood, Chief Innovation Officer of System1, makes the point that even though the general mood of the country may have declined, there is no difference in advertising’s ability to connect with people.