In Brands We Trust

[18 September] In Deloitte’s latest consumer behaviour tracker, the emerging consumer section points to an uptake in the purchase of name brands that they trust.

In the report, nearly half (47%) of UK consumers state they will purchase named brands they trust and know.

Brands who have responded well to the crisis are also in favour with UK consumers, with 37% stating they will purchase more from these brands. As pointed out in previous editions of this series, consumers are on the hunt for deals and the best value from retailers with 48% stating they would buy a non-essential item if they found a great deal.

36% of UK consumers also plan to buy locally sourced items, even if that means they cost a little more.

In the current climate, audiences are seeking out brands they trust and are familiar with. Being in the public realm, audiences tend to trust brands that they have seen advertised on OOH.