Driving activity averages 33% above baseline

[18 September] Apple mobility data shows driving activity for the week remains well above the baseline, with the rolling average at 33%. The baseline reflects a point in time, on 13th January 2020. We still see the weekly fluctuations in the data as people movement changes day to day. With schools open and many people returning to work, we see traffic dip over the weekends and increase throughout the working week.

The data for Belfast shows a similar trend, with driving activity within the city at 27% above the baseline. Walking within the city remains popular, with footfall at 53% above baseline.

Springboard data for retail locations shows that footfall in all shopping areas in the UK were around 72% of the level the same day a year ago, a drop from around 75% in the previous two weeks. High streets, shopping centres and retail parks all contributed to the data, which saw footfall decline between one and three percentage points.

Footfall in independent convenience stores (counted as shopper baskets/transactions) remains lower than in 2019, however notably the average basket spend remains significantly higher, at £8.16 compared to £6.10 for the same period last year. This demonstrates that shoppers are continuing to shop less frequently, but are making larger and more considered purchases.

Out of Home has a vital role to play in influencing shoppers and delivering public information messaging. The strength of OOH lies in the broad spectrum of formats, delivering campaigns in a huge number of daily touchpoints, and intersecting audiences as they go about life, even when their daily routines may have changed.