Dynamic Digital Delivers for Adidas

[27 August] With 70% of its stores closed at the height of lockdown, it wasn’t a shock to see Adidas announce profits were down by 34%. Cancelled sporting fixtures through the summer, including Euro 2020 and the Tokyo Olympics, led to lost sponsorship deals and lost sales.

Despite this, Adidas’ global lead for digital growth, audience and media personalisation, Marcus Cho, believes investment which began in 2015 helped cushion the blow, ending Q2 with e-commerce sales up 93%.

Five years ago the brand began investing in digital capabilities and set about strengthening online engagement with customers. Apps and the ‘Creators Club’ increased engagement with audiences. Content was automated to keep it audiences across the world engaged, delivering personalised messaging dynamically. When the pandemic hit, existing plans were shelved and the #HomeTeam campaign launched, aiming to provide daily content solutions to keep people motivated, while content was personalised depending on the market.

For Adidas this was a huge success, racking up 400m views of the campaign video, 60% of the total online sales were done through the Creators Club and the app has seen a four times sales grown in 2020 so far.

Use DOOH to connect with audiences

For brands who don’t have the resources that Adidas can access, Dynamic OOH can offer a similar solution. The Moments of Truth, a research study from Posterscope, Clear Channel and JCDecaux found that delivering Dynamic content on Digital OOH can increase recall and sales, as well as brain activity. This evidence reflects the importance of delivering content relevant to audiences in the now, whether it’s a location specific creative or a mention of the local weather. Dynamic triggers can be wide reaching and deliver automated content across the digital network.

It’s not just Adidas that will experience a drop in engagement as a result of many sporting fixtures moving ‘behind closed doors’. While cancellation of large-scale events including the Tokyo Olympics was common, competitions which had started were postponed and are now delivering sports fan the ultimate winter schedule. In its State of Play report just published Core Sponsorship state that being so cluttered, the sporting calendar for the second half of year is unlike any other. Here are their latest event timelines.

There’s ample opportunity for brands to use OOH to leverage their sponsorship / association with the abundance of sport that lies ahead. It’s going to be a very cluttered environment and clever OOH can cut through the noise via classic and digital solutions. Live dynamic data content triggered though Liveposter can connect with fans at a local level and deliver in terms of brand association and perception.