Dynamic delivers summer barbeque campaign for SafeFood

Employing Dynamic Digital Out of Home throughout late May and June was SafeFood, with a food safety message for summer barbeques. Perfectly timed, the campaign coincided with one of the warmest weekends of the year!

Retail and Roadside Digital Out of Home placed the campaign at key touchpoints for audiences travelling throughout the weekend, or visiting shopping locations, including Asda stores.

Dynamic content, employing the Liveposter platform, delivered a temperature sensitive campaign, with the creative changing when the mercury reached 18°C and above. The Dynamic element uses an external data source to change elements of the campaign creative automatically, in this case a weather trigger. Other triggers such as social media content, live sports scores, news headlines or traffic information are commonly used. Adding Dynamic elements to campaigns increases the engagement with audiences, and studies have shown effectiveness can increase spontaneous recall by an average of 17%. Dynamic content also increases the brain response in audiences, and drives an increase in sales.

Speaking about the campaign, Senior Account Manager at PML Group NI, Nicola McNaughton said: “Dynamic content makes campaigns more relevant to consumers, and it increases the memorability. SafeFood used OOH formats on busy arterial routes and at supermarkets and shopping centres, where footfall remains high and dwell time is increased as people queue to enter stores.”