Don’t Pardon the Interruption

Kantar Media Reactions 2023

  • OOH & DOOH occupy two of the top five preferred media channels for consumers.
  • Consumers prefer channels that cause the least interruption to their lives.
  • Campaigns are seven times more impactful among a receptive audience.
  • Marketers are highly receptive to DOOH and view it as the most innovative channel out there.

Consumers Love Going Out
When it comes to advertising, consumers prefer in-person media channels – sponsored events, cinema, OOH – but marketers remain largely wedded to digital ones, such as online video, video streaming, and social media. The average person on the street prefers sociable over social media.

That’s according to Kantar’s Media Reactions 2023 study, based on insights from some 16,000 consumers and 900 marketers around the world. All of the channels in the top consumer rankings carry advertising that you need to go out and experience in person.

In-person advertising is making a big splash in 2023, with Outdoor channels, both traditional and digital, making the top 5 most preferred ad platforms among consumers. As we approach the end of the year, these insights should be forming part of the conversation with clients for 2024 planning.

In-person media channels dominate the ad preference rankings for consumers.
Digital OOH (DOOH) is bringing further innovation into the fold.

In terms of generations, either Classic or Digital OOH appear in the top five media of the four primary age groupings.

Marketers are also highly receptive to DOOH ads. For both groups, digital OOH is the most innovative channel out there – especially as it takes advantage of high screen resolution and fast developing creative technologies.

And mainly among marketers, trust is also high for Outdoor ads.

Capturing Attention
Attention has been a hot topic among marketers recently.

But as the number of platforms for advertisers and agencies to choose from increase, the more consumers might be hit by ads that are screaming for attention.

And this is not only true because of the increasing number of digital platforms but also because in-person touchpoints are an important part of the competitive set, contributing to the chaos in the media battleground.

Attention is a hot topic and many research studies have proven that it helps build brands and drives sales. It is related to ad preference too: there is a 90% correlation between media channels that consumers claim capture their attention, and those in which they prefer seeing advertising. We also see a strong negative correlation of 97% for preference with “ad formats they try to ignore.”

So we can conclude that ads that are positively engaging are in a much better position to capture and retain attention, and will, therefore, not be avoided.

Classic and Digital OOH both rank in the top three channels in terms of capturing attention according to consumers. However marketers’ receptivity does not correlate as highly to the media channels that they think deliver consumer attention.

This is despite 51% of marketers saying attention highly influences their media budget decisions. In addition, 66% and 60% of marketers say attention has an important influence on creative and media effectiveness, respectively. The flip side is that close to 50% of marketers do not see attention as important as brand or sales outcomes. The metric is not entrenched in marketing systems yet.

What marketers think deliver consumer attention, versus what consumers think capture their attention, is also fairly different.

Influencer content is a surprising number one for marketers, while it doesn’t make the top 5 for consumers. There are some channels which both groups see as attention-grabbing such as cinema, events and DOOH. However, most of the marketers’ darlings feature low down on the consumer rankings.

“Successful advertising today seamlessly integrates into consumers’ lives: in their scrolling, viewing or simply while they go about their days,” says Gonca Bubani, Kantar global thought leadership director, media. “This year, consumers have spoken up and said they strongly prefer advertising that they see Out of Home, like at sponsored events or the cinema.”

In-person media channels should not be underestimated, as many bring consumer receptivity and attention. This can bring more brand impact for ad campaigns with the right content and customisation.