Deliver effective B2B campaigns on OOH

[31 July] Targeting businesses and business decision makers is a common request for B2B campaigns. With changes in how we work and consume media, OOH has an important role in the delivery of these campaigns.

Readership of print titles is in decline across the board, from consumer magazines to daily newspapers, and many online titles have content behind paywalls. This limits the value in B2B advertising, as 35% of people in NI use adblocker software and 38% of people take notice of online advertising (TGI NI 2019).

Following Government advice, workforces are to continue working from home where possible. According to the most recent ONS survey, from April 2020, over 46% of people in employment in the UK did some form of work from home, falling to 40.9% in NI.

60% of companies in NI are returning to offices

In recent months, places of work have started to reopen with social distancing measures in place for staff safety, with 41% of NI employers expecting to adopt a hybrid working style across home and office environments. This figure comes from recruitment experts, Hays, who surveyed 13,500 professionals and employers across the UK, with 500 respondents from NI. 60% of organisations in NI are returning to work in the office, many using split shifts (42%), voluntary return to the office (26%) and staggered hours (40%).

It’s likely that these altered working patterns will continue for some time, however only 2% of employers foresee staff being completely home-based and only 8% of employees would like to be fully remote in six months. The desire for a blended model of working enables colleagues to enjoy the social aspects of office working, with communication and collaboration high on the agenda. For parents at home with children, the office may provide some respite and an opportunity for normality. Almost half of respondents to the Hays survey in NI would prefer to work in a hybrid environment, with only 31% wishing to go back to full time office working. Additionally, research has shown that 30% of homeworkers are doing longer hours than they normally would (ONS).

Commuting has changed

Using TomTom traffic analysis, we’ve seen that the typical rush hour commutes look different now, however the lack of school traffic will also affect this. Rather than a twice daily spike in traffic in Belfast, congestion levels build more steadily through the day, peaking around 4pm. Many employers are now offering more flexibility with start and end times, ensuring the safety of people who use public transport to travel to work, which also has an impact on rush hour.

For companies trying to reach business audiences, OOH can place campaigns along the key arterial routes leading to centres of business, whether high streets, offices or industrial areas. Careful placement of campaigns will deliver crucial B2B messaging when people are in a ‘work-focussed’ mindset. With this in mind, Dynamic OOH running throughout the working week can deliver increased effectiveness for business campaigns. Typically parks and beaches wouldn’t be recommended for B2B targeting, however many people are spending more time exercising and enjoying their local facilities, especially over lunchtimes.

Layered data to produce strong campaigns

Geographical coverage of Out of Home remains one of the key benefits of the media. There are very few locations in NI that we can’t deliver campaigns in, reaching niche audiences with bespoke campaigns as well as broadcast messaging on classic formats, and everything in between. Even during the height of lockdown, OOH delivered strong campaigns in locations with high footfall.

At PML Group we deliver data led campaigns, using all the relevant information we can to place advertisements close to the target audiences. From mapping of sites to demographic information from the census, and anonymised app data we can layer data sources to identify key target locations and formats.