Audiences remain Out of Home

[25th June]

The latest monthly average for Apple’s routing requests mobility data to Monday 21st June shows traffic in NI continues to surpass last year’s pre-pandemic baseline consolidating at +45%.

The sustained increase in mobility across all modes, is borne out by the monthly averages, with routing requests for driving increasing by 92% since January while public transport and walking have both witnessed a near threefold increase.

THE CACI provides weekly updates on how Covid-19 is changing people’s movement in the UK.  In the data for the week ending 13th June, Northern Ireland, is the only region to record an increase at 2 percentage points.

There is evidence to suggest people are shifting away from smaller local centres to bigger destination towns. This is possibly a hangover from the half-term and warm weather, as some people ventured further afield to regional towns for extended weekend breaks.

Google’s COVID-19 Community Mobility Report to Friday 11th June reinforces the move to out of home environments in Belfast from the start of the year.

Time spent in-home has declined from +18% in January to +6% to date this month while visits to supermarkets and pharmacies has increased from -24% to +12%. Visitor numbers to transit stations, workplaces, shopping centres and parks all also show significant recent gains.