Timing: October 2022

Formats: Tesco Live, Adshel Live, Adshel Live Roadside, dPod, iVision and Digitower

Client: PML Group

Creative: Create

This is a special year for PML Group, as we mark forty years of bringing great brands to life through brilliant Out of Home advertising. To celebrate this milestone, we recently ran our very own national Outdoor ad campaign – 4T – across multiple formats and environments, to showcase the power of Out of Home media in 2022.

The campaign spoke to the scale and impact of classic OOH, its ability to create awareness, pique interest and drive response. We embraced the flexibility and relevance of dynamic digital OOH, setting out to show how OOH is the original and ultimate brand builder that is intrinsically linked with mobile and behavioural change.

A few weeks back in Out \ Look, we promised to share the results of the campaign. Today, we are happy to share some key metrics from both online and offline analytics that speak to the overwhelmingly positive story that 4T tells on behalf of OOH advertising:

  • The bespoke 4T.ie website, produced by our in-house Create design team, attracted more than 21,000 visits, among more than 16,000 unique visitors, across cycle 21 (Oct 10th- Oct 23rd).
  • More than 1,000 visits were activated via QR code: Most visitors were via mobile, and consumers were required to type the URL or scan a QR Code to access the site.
  • When consumers reached the site, there was a tile puzzle game, which participants could complete and enter a competition for outdoor related prizes. More than 13,500 game plays took place on the site and 1,050 participants entered the competition. All winners have been notified in recent weeks.
  • In addition, PML Group’s own website benefitted with more than 2,000 referrals from 4T.ie to pmlgroup.ie.

4T was planned and managed through the same process, and using the same tools and services, that all PML Group campaigns are subject to. Therefore, the campaign was included in our IMPACT post-campaign research service, with fieldwork independently managed by Ipsos:

  •  The campaign was recalled by 57% of all adults, rising to 66% among 16-24s.
  •  64% agreed the design made a big impact and 73% agreed it was a very noticeable design.
  • Interestingly, 55% agreed that they would like to see more OOH campaigns using QR codes.

We believe 4T has proven the power of OOH, and how it can connect IRL to URL, extending OOH’s reach beyond the streets. In this case it was all for an unknown brand, a new creation and purely on Outdoor channels. Imagine the possibilities for your brand