Posterscope’s “Mobility Mindset” Dipsticks research shows renewed appreciation of OOH in a Covid-19 world

New research from our colleagues Posterscope has shown that two-thirds of people in the UK feel more connected and appreciative of their outdoor space and local community since lockdown. The research also showed that half the population feel more positive towards out of home advertising, and the brands using it.

‘The Mobility Mindset’ shows that six in 10 feel more connected to the community with a heightened emotional connection to their surroundings since the pandemic, which is having a knock-on effect on noticeability and positivity towards Outdoor advertising.

89% notice OOH

The research, which was conducted in late September, found that 89% of people stated they notice OOH advertising, across any environment or format. More importantly perhaps, is the 45% of people find out of home advertising even more noticeable and feel even more positive towards it than before Covid-19. This increase was highest amongst 18-34s at 52%. Increased appreciation and connectivity for the out of home space and community was also high within this age group, at 62%.

When asked about attitudes towards their outdoor environment and local area, 70% of respondents say they are now paying more attention to what is generally going on around them. 64% of respondents stated that lockdown made them realise the importance of their local high street while half of people believe they have a stronger emotional tie with their local community following Covid-19.

Awareness delivers stronger feelings for advertisers

This new-found awareness of the local OOH environment is also resulting in stronger feelings towards advertisers. Of those surveyed, 40% said they feel even more favourable or positive towards brands that are currently using OOH than before the pandemic. This is largely due to the higher levels of confidence is brands using the medium and being proactive in turbulent times (40%). Simultaneously, outdoor advertising has a strong community connection, being part of the everyday fabric of towns and cities, making the brands using it feel more familiar (42%), driving an emotional connection with consumers.

The research also found that OOH continues to drive action amongst the UK population. In the last month alone, 45% of those surveyed have responded to an OOH ad, again highest among 18-34-year olds a 53%. Additionally, 57% of parents have responded to a campaign ad.

Two thirds of UK adults also state they would respond to an OOH ad of interest, with 24% making an in-store purchase and 55% searching for a product online and 31% making an online purchase, demonstrating Outdoor’s power to drive people online.

The research demonstrates the importance of including Out of Home in media plans, targeting audiences across Northern Ireland in a range of retail, leisure and roadside environments.

Research was conducted by Dipsticks Research Group using its online panel, Panelbase, amongst 1,025 nationally representative adults aged 18-55. Fieldwork took place from Thursday 24th to Sunday 27th September.