Going local

[9th July]

Time and time again, we conduct research that indicates that audiences want to see advertising which is relevant to them. The Moments of Truth study from Posterscope in March 2020 showed that adding contextual content, which may include location details, caused an increase in brain activity – encoding new memories and creating positive brand associations. Since much of our purchasing is done based on favourable brand perceptions, this is invaluable for leading and emerging names, across a multitude of categories.

More recently our commissioned research, conducted by FN Research sampling 300 people from the Greater Belfast area showed that over half (55%) of all adults feel more connected with brands that reference the local area in campaigns (e.g. use town names). This rises to 68% of those aged 35-44.

Digital delivers hyper-localisation

Typically, Digital campaigns are more often considered when it comes to hyper localised OOH activity. The DOOH network in NI now covers all the main towns with variety across roadside and retail locations, allowing advertisers to get even closer to their target audience. Scheduling multiple creatives across the digital network delivers a wider range of messages in rotation, with the ability to tailor to location.

Dynamic Digital OOH campaigns are in another league, both in terms of sophistication and results. The Moments of Truth study showed that as well as increased brain activity, Dynamic elements in campaigns caused uplift in ad recall (+17%) and sales increase (+16%). Using data sources to dictate the Digital OOH output means reduced studio time for agencies and seamless scheduling with media owners. Instead of creating 20 different pieces of content, a single data source and a single creative are merged, to create multiple outputs.

We’ve seen Dynamic campaigns deliver a number of localised campaigns, often adding additional data too. Firmus Energy combined town names in their distribution network with colloquial language and live temperature data to create a truly bespoke campaign.

While it’s undoubtedly easier to manage multiple creatives on Digital formats, similar results are achievable on paper. With the benefit to advertisers evident, delivering localised messaging is a brilliant way to boost any OOH campaign.

 Signpost audiences using OOH

Designing for OOH often means less is more, so one clear call to action is often considered the best strategy. However, where opportunity arises to deliver a more targeted and local approach, creative changes should be considered. Directional and location information in proximity to physical venues or shops could entice new customers to travel, while drive time information is easily generated and can be incorporated into campaigns.